Comprehensive, realistic and relevant executive protection training program developed and instituted by a former Secret Service Special Agent, former military personnel, former law enforcement and internationally respected private sector practitioners.


Our comprehensive program is designed to cover the skills and procedures required to provide effective personal protection and meet the needs of entry-level to seasoned practitioners  looking for refresher course or a different perspective from one of the top training providers in the country—planning, research, intelligence, networking, the fundamentals of executive protection, evasive driving and emergency medical evacuation will be stressed in the program.

Executive Protection Training - Bodyguard Training

evasive driving course

Evasive Driving


Our world-class, comprehensive protective driving program is designed to cover the skills and procedures required to survive a behind-the-wheel-emergency in a protective scenario. This course provides an exceptional foundation of security driving, whether you are protection specialists, executive chauffeurs, security contractors, executives or public figures and even their family members - this course will effectively increase your survivability.

protective medical

Protective Medical Training

Our Protective Medical Training course will provide the fundamentals of emergency response & evacuation – everything you need to know, nothing you don’t. We train our students with scenarios created from real life events to standards set higher than federal agencies, and the certificate you will receive will indicate that you have met these standards and will serve as a testament to your capabilities as a protection professional.

bodyguard training

Protective Firearms 


This course is designed to teach realistic, functional & effective weapons handling for security professionals. Our drills are based on actual events that have taken place around the world during protective operations. Students will be evaluated with U.S. Secret Service ad Department of State Worldwide Personal Protective Service standards utilized as benchmarks.

executive protection training


This course will provide a fundamental overview of the concepts and procedures used in physical security consulting and is suitable for anyone wishing to jump-start a consultancy or to further develop their skills in security consulting. This introductory program will show you how to successfully launch a new security consultant practice by discussing how to develop and market yourself as a security consultant. This course also includes a module on the ASIS CPP designation, discussing what is required to acquire it and it’s value to you as a consultant.

tscm training



The field of Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, is a complicated and highly technical industry. It involves the detection, thwarting, and protection against any unwanted surveillance. This course will provide the group with basic knowledge and introduction to Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures for security professionals and IT personnel, and protection professionals.

private investigator training

Private Investigator Training 

Our course covers the primary and fundamental aspects of intelligence discovery in the private sector. The instruction covers things such as terminology and services, information gathering through social media, etc. and how to utilize resources and more. Students will gain the fundamental knowledge required for an entry level posiition as an investigator.

We identify trending threats from current statistics and incorporate those trends into our courses. Within our training, you will be exposed to the most likely scenarios you will face on the job, enabling you to be much more effective as a protection specialist.
You will not find more realistic, relevant and valuable training.
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executive protection training




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