2 Day Defensive & Evasive Driving Course

Defensive & Evasive Driving Course developed and instituted by a Former Secret Service Special Agent, Former Law Enforcement & Military Personnel as well as internationally respected private sector practitioners. Our world-class, comprehensive protective driving program is designed to cover the skills and procedures required to survive a behind-the-wheel-emergency in a protective scenario. This course provides an exceptional foundation of security driving, whether you are protection specialists, executive chauffeurs, security contractors, executives or public figures and even their family members - this course will effectively increase your survivability.

Evasive Driving Course Outline:

-Vehicle Mechanics & the Physics of Driving
-Vehicle Types & Considerations
-Vehicle Checks, Equipment & Emergency Preparedness
-Attack Recognition & Ambush Avoidance
-Sedan & SUV Evasive Maneuvers & Concepts
-Accident Avoidance, Emergency braking & Swerving-to-avoid Obstacles
-High-Speed Vehicle Maneuvers, Braking Techniques & Skid Control
-Bootleg Turn (Mayday), J-Turn (Switchblade), 2 & 3 Point Escape Turns
-Evaluated Performance Standards & Minimum Passing Requirements*


Realistic, Relevant & Valuable


Whether your group consists of protection personnel, private individuals or a group of security company or department employees, this course will provide the group with basic knowledge and introduction to Evasive Driving Techniqgues.



Each student in our training courses will be evaluated and required to demonstrate a capability on each exercise which exceeds the minimum requirements we have established for a fundamental application of  protective driving skills.

The certificate you will receive will indicate that you have met these standards and will serve as a testament to your capabilities as a security driver.

Most executive protection specialists and those newcomers to the business tend to focus on their training dollars on firearms training. While training for that .01 chance is appropriate, it is vitally important to the safety of your client and your effectiveness as a protection professional to be well trained in order to handle a behind-the-wheel-emergency, so invest where it matters most.
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