Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
TSCM Training Course

TSCM Training Course Developed and instituted by Former Agents of the U.S. Secret Service, Presidential Protection Division, as well as other internationally respected former military, law enforcement and private sector practitioners.

TSCM Training Course Outline:


  • TSCM overview, services & terminology

  • Threat & Target Analysis

  • Technical Surveillance Threats and Devices

  • Pre-Inspection Consultations

  • Electricity & Ohms Law

  • Gear & Equipment Selection

  • Technical Search Tools, Techniques & Procedures

  • Physical Search Tools, Techniques & Procedures

  • Technical & Physical Search Practical Application

  • Report Writing Considerations & Examples

  • TSCM Equipment Purchasing

  • Marketing & Networking

Realistic, Relevant & Valuable


Whether your group consists of protection personnel, private individuals or a group of security company or department employees, this course will provide the group with basic knowledge and introduction to Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures for security professionals and IT personnel.




Each student in our training courses will be evaluated and required to demonstrate a capability on each exercise which exceeds the minimum requirements we have established for a fundamental knowledge of  technical surveillance counter-measures.
The certificate you will receive will indicate that you have met these standards and will serve as a testament to your capabilities as a counter-surveillance specialist.

We identify trending threats, and incorporate those trends into our course.
Threat devices like these are cheap & available, 
You could be realistically be exposed to these on the job, so we create a scenario when you will be evaluated on the discovery of actual devices, like these.
You will not find more realistic, relevant and valuable training anywhere else.
Come learn from thew best - come train with LaSorsa & Associates.

LaSorsa & Associates is a member in good standing with the Espionage Research Institute, International
The mission of the Espionage Research Institute International is to educate and advance best practices in the counterespionage/counterintelligence, and TSCM community through excellence, applied learning, and research that examines issues of strategic importance to the sector. 

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