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Thank you for your interest in our training programs - developed and instituted by a Former Senior Special Agent of the U.S. Secret Service, Presidential Protection Division, the White House., Former Military, Law Enforcement as well as current internationally respected private sector practitioners.


Executive Protection Fundamentals, Protective Medical Training with CPR/AED/FirstAid and Security/Evasive Driving.

Department of Justice Private Protective Services Board Certified Training Course


Realistic and practical training to a standard is the only proven method for increasing the chances of success in life and death situations. Training that is focused on fun or “tacti-cool” theory that is not founded upon real-world scenarios, based on statistics or upon case studies will not be as effective in the most probable circumstances you will face. Our training methodology focuses on reality and practicality, enabling a greater capacity to problem solve under stress and overcome the life and death situations that you are most likely to encounter based on your task and environment.
Without an effective solution, we may even assist the attacker in their objective. Timeliness of the response is also critical, however failing in a hurry is still failing.  Through realistic and stressful training to standard, we will identify and push your limits in order to increase your decision speed and enble you to initiate the most effective response possible, as wuickly as possible. Our core principle of efficiency focuses on enabling students to quickly tailor a solution to the problem with maximum effectiveness.
Whether you are placed in harm’s way by occupation or by random the actions of another, our core principle of survivability enables our students to prevail; to overcome the situation and make it home to one’s family and get your client home to theirs. Whatever the circumstances of the situation, the basic skills necessary to achieve that result have a lot in common – a practical, effective and timely response. Dangerous situations have too many variables to realistically prepare for each one individually – such as the “X=Y” training process commonly used where the instruction includes “if this happens…do this”, etc. Our training methodology of conceptual understanding and application enables success, no matter the variables in the situation and/or the physiological response mechanisms which may help or hinder your response.  As Lt. Col Grossman put it, “You will not rise to the occasion, but fall to the level of your training.”
 Perhaps the largest factor contributing to us offering the most relevant and realistic training available is that we are active in this business, providing protection for company executives and private families internationally. Our training methodology comes from real world experience in current protective operations, and we are honored to be recognized as the industry's highest reviewed training provider.

Employment Connections

We post employment opportunities on our Facebook page regularly to faciliate placing our graduates. We also offer resume' writing support, as well as application assistance and guidance for our students looking to gain employment in this field.


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We also offer two distinct ways of taking advantage of our training - you can either register online for one of our scheduled courses presented available nationwide, and inernationally, or with a group of 6 or more students, you can contact us with your proposed dates and location and we can send an instructor to you for a private course at no extra cost. If possible, you can host the course at your facility, provided you have a suitable classroom for the number of students registered, and we can supply a projector and audio equipment if it cannot be provided. Contact us for more information on training sites.


Each student in our training courses will be evaluated and required to demonstrate a capability on each exercise which exceeds the minimum requirements we have established for fundamental knowledge of executive protection, emergency medical response in protective operations, security driving and/or counter-surveillance.

U.S. Secret Service and Department of State Worldwide Personal Protective Service standards are utilized as benchmarks, however we have developed the most relevant set of standards of any training organization in the country for personal protection specialists operating in the continental US in today's world..

The certificates you will receive will indicate that you have met these standards and will serve as a testament to your capabilities as a protection professional.

We identify trending threats, and incorporate those trends into our course.
In our training programs, you will be exposed to the most likely scenarios you will face on the job, realistically.
You will not find more realistic, relevant and valuable training anywhere else.
Come learn from thew best - come train with LaSorsa & Associates.
 Graduates of our training programs are widely recognized and respected internationally, utilized worldwide by fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and private families. The certifcate of completion of one of our training programs is unanimously recognized for trust and competence when being selected for a protective position in today's world. Get the training that matters for your career, and get a return on your investment. -Come train with us.
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